Read what pupils, teachers and community workers have said about the service.

Testimonials from comments and ratings on evaluation forms: 

All projects are evaluated by those taking part.

Read what pupils, teachers, community workers and families have said about the service.


The highlight of the children’s visit to Nehwaven Fort. Made them think about all the different things they had learnt and seen on that day. Lovely helpers too! (Trowhill Family)

We came up to the fort today and my children aged 9 and 5 really enjoyed the experience and thought it was fun learning, printing, drawing lots of pictures. It is great for family learning.

The printing art has been a wonderful experience. Very well explained and supported. Educational and great fun at the same time.

Instructions were wonderful, caught the girls’ imagination. Lovely.  (Katie Pellatt)

Great experience for the children to learn about printing! Thank you  (Jenny Hayes)

Calum really enjoyed doing this activity and was really pleased with the picture.

Lucas aged 3 thoroughly enjoyed himself

That was fun!

Lois and Jess: We both enjoyed it very much

Thank you very much for a very enjoyable time. Our grandchildren had a brilliant time.

Fantastic ideas, our son loved doing his design and then printing it out. Thank you – we will be back!

Really fun and inventive, thank you

Henry aged 6 and Arthur aged 2- we enjoyed doing the different colours and doing the sticking.


Newhaven Community Development Association

My name is Sally Foote I work for (NCDA) as the Healthy Lifestyles/Events Manager for over 12 years.

During my time working for NCDA I have had the pleasure of working with Carol on numerous projects.For the last ten years I have organised the annual Newhaven Fish Festival, each year Carol contributes by running topical art projects both in the run up to the event and on the day, these include:

• Costumes, banners and decorations for the popular children’s parade

• Ceramic Fish project to commemorate HM Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

• Mosiac project at the Ark public House

• Tee-shirt prints

Carol has also run a ceramics project for users of our Growing Together Community Garden. She brought with her loads of energy and enthusiasm, the project was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Finally Carol joined our Community Development Worker team for approximately six months to cover the Family Learning project during staff absence. She immediately applied herself and set about planning Family Learning courses for the following year. This involved meetings with funders, production of a timetable, enrolling course tutors, booking venues and crèches and organising all relevant paperwork. Carol is a very talented, organised and versatile person who always gives 100%. I enjoy working with immensely and I look forward to our next project together.


Salltdean Primary School – Whole School Mural Project Summer 2013

 Art Coordinator Jan Ruck 10/10 Bookings made every year for 15 years

Q: Did the visit meet your expectations? A: Yes – more than met our expectations. The project developed over the week into a beautiful piece of art.

Q: Was there any feedback from pupils after the visit? A : Yes, they were buzzing with excitement

Evaluation of the Creative Instinct ASC St Nicolas C of E Primary School

Summer Term ASC Project 2013

50% of parents/family members that attended the Certificate Presentation filled out the ASC Evaluation Form at the Certificate Presentation event. 10 children give the club 10/10. 1 child gave the club a 9/10, 1 gave the club 8/10, 1 gave the club 7/10

When asked ‘What did you enjoy the most at the After School Club?  ‘Answers were: Making things. Building things, Plaster of Paris. Painting. Everything. That we get to do wax paintings. Art and Computer set up, meeting Carol Harry and Natasha—friends. I like doing it all. Inventors corner and plaster Paris.

When asked:’ What could be improved at the After School Club?’ Answers were: More art supplies. Nothing it is fun! More sharpeners. Nothing.  She likes it as it is. More drawing. Chocolate biscuits. Nothing it is great as it is. Topics about vehicles. Nothing. Would like to use charcoal again. More space themed work.

When asked: Any other comments Answers were: No. Willow always enjoys the activities. Really good club. I think Carol is a great teacher. I like the biscuits.

Blackboys Primary School

NADFAS Young Artists Coordinator – Ex teacher Margret Sweetman

‘I think Carol’s organisational skills are exceptional’.

Q: How could the visit have been improved? A: ‘I liked it exactly the way it was’. 10/10Art Coordinator Kara Neill

Q: Was there any feedback from the children? A: ‘Yes they loved it’ 8/10

Q: What did children learn? A: ‘Range of new skills using different media’.

Spring 2013 – Start Art and Smart Art – Held at the Hillcrest Community Centre since 1995 for 5 – 18 years

 Evaluation by children and young people 11 responses filled out Project’ Culture, Costume and Fashion’. 6 x 10/10, 3 x 9/10, 1 x 7/10, 1 x 20/10


Staff Inset Training for Harbour Primary School, Newhaven Jan 2013

7 x 10/10, 2 x 9/10, 5 x 8/10 (not all staff filled out forms)

St. Martins Brighton – Stunning Starts Sept 2013

Art Coordinator – Jane Joshi. Carol Havard -Artist in Residence for since 2010

Year 4 3D Modroc Project

How did the visit fit in with the teaching within the school? Creative Curriculum. Using expertise to do collaborative, large scale 3D work which often can be avoided in schools.  Stunning start to the Stunning Starts Topic. 10/10


St Peters Infant School, Portslade March 2012

Gaye Conroy SENCO

‘Carol has the skill, expertise and experience to get the best out of the children she works with. She is very aware of individual needs, health and safety issues: she built up an excellent working with the children’ 12 sessions mosaic project. 9/10


West Blatchington – Printing based on sun flowers – July 2011

Mr J Mills’s year 6 teacher ‘Excellent prep from the artist. Excellent organisation, teaching style, manner and outcomes. Many thanks for an enjoyable morning. I can’t believe so much got done.’ 11/10


The Haven Primary School Eastbourne. Staff Inset skills for:

Art and Poetry Project July 2011

16 staff attended. Evaluation responses out of 10: 1 x 7, 1 x 8, 4 x 9, 10 x 10


St. Nicolas Creative Instinct ASC

July 2011 pupils’ evaluations 1 x 6, 1 x 7, 2 x 9, 5 x 10

December 2011. 1 x 8, 2 x 8.5, 1 x 9, 1 x 9.5, 6 x 10


Saltdean Primary School, Nina Sparrow hawk 2012

‘Excellent art produced, children very engaged and enthusiastic. Extremely well organised. We will definitely be booking again – hopefully budget will stretch to a whole day for each class! Thank you Carol’ 10/10


St Nicolas Primary School ASC Theme T- Shirt Printing  July 2011

5 x 10/10, 2 x 9/10, 1 x 7/10, 1 x 6/10


Start Art and Smart Art Autumn term 2011

 6 x 10/10, 1 x 9.5, 1 x 8/10, 2 x 7/10


Hollingdean -Active for Life -Soup and Stomp Event with Natasha Loverlidge co-worker

‘Families were all very positive. Praised us and the Active for Life Team and would love to have another session like this’ 9/10

Portslade Village Centre –  Soup and Stomp – Active for Life Event co-worker – Natasha Loverlidge

‘Great team work’ 9.5 /10


St. Martins Brighton – Stunning Starts Sept 2011

Miss Davies year 5 teacher

‘As always well planned and resourced and engaging for all’ ‘The workshop was a fantastic start to the new term and meant that children had a real wow factor.  As ever perfectly easily organised and flowed well. ‘10/10

Mrs Backhouse and Miss Kavanugh, Reception teachers

‘The children, the staff, and the parent helpers were enthused and inspired by the session. We will do more printing as a further topic work as part of our school Book Week. High quality. Carol was very well organized with resources, time management and expertise’.  10/10

Mrs Joshi year 4 teacher

‘Brilliant rapport with class and really good sustained concentration with pupils.’ Linked beautifully with India class topic. More please! Thanks for a really positive morning  7/10

Head teacher Joanne Smith- Take one Artist Project ‘ Thanks Carol. A great two days. Over and above our expectations” 10/10


Denton Primary School ASC Summer and Auturm Term 2011

Average evaluation responce 9/10

Little Horsted C.E. Primary School

Head Teacher Dr Michael Davies

Three school visits per year since 1994

Assisted the school to receive the Arts Smart Award

Centenary Mosaic, Egyptian Art, Willow Tree Project, Indian printing, The Gessy Tree, Matisse banner, Portrait painting, Chinese Painting, Olympic Collage to name a few.

‘A very clear step by step approach allowing the children to work independently’ 10/10 Rhian Cottrell

‘Confidence in tackling a big project across two key stages’ 10/10 Angela Hook

‘Carol works effectively with four year groups in one day’ Jenny Walker


Teacher Margaret McDermott, St Joseph’s Catholic School 08

Two week Extended School Project with year 2 making four mosaics based on the elements

‘Thanks to Carol, for being so brilliant and working with the children to produce four fantastic mosaics which we will enjoy looking at in our school hall’ 10/10 Head

Art days and Arts weeks projects since 2002

Jan Ruck Saltdean Primary School

Painting, drawing, collage across both key stages.

‘We had fun’ 10/10

‘Carol gives pupils confidence to have a go’ 10/10

‘All staff were very pleased with the sessions and loved being involved themselves’ 10/10


Active for life Lucy Trott – Halloween activities in Queens Park Bton

‘The stuff you did in half term, it was fantastic!’  Oct 12

Mr Southgate. Parent Teacher whose child attends Start Art ‘Fort Project and Textile Project’  Sept – Dec 12

‘This club has really helped to reduce his shyness when meeting other people and children.  He really enjoyed the variety of activities’ 9/10

Jessica Wright age 10.  Attends Smart Art for 1.5 years

‘I enjoyed making things out of mod rock, it was really fun.  I don’t think anything needs to change’ 10/10

Alice Shea Events Manager, KEH DEVELOPMENTS, Newhaven Water Park consultation team.

Evaluation of Face Painting Team organised by Art Techniques.

‘Exceeded expectations. Fantastic from start to finish, we couldn’t have asked for better’ 10/10


Joanne Smith Head Teacher St. Martins C of E School.

Projects’ Take One Artist’ ‘ Stunning Starts’ and ‘ I Project’ Since 2011

‘The visit met expectations over and above. Carol was very well organised- the sessions were well planned and thourally thought out, they are what teachers want’ 10 /10

Mrs F Backhouse and Miss S Kavanaugh School Book Week

‘Carol can walk into a classroom confidently and manage to hold the attention of all of the children and engage them purposefully and effectively. No room for improvement but we hope we have the opportunity to work with Carol again at a later date.’ 10/10


Miss Davies Yr. 6 Book week

‘The workshop was a fantastic start to the new term and meant that the children had a real wow factor. Children were able to participate in art techniques that they otherwise would not. As ever perfectly, easily organised and flowed well. As always planned and resources and engaging for all’ 10/10

Mrs Joshi Yr. 4 Indian topic

‘Absolutely brilliant rapport with class and really good sustained concentration from the pupils. Linked beautifully with our Indian topic.’ 7/10


Saltdean Primary School Two year 6 teachers Nina Sparrowhawk  and Simon Clark ‘Printing techniques for Figures in Action’ summer 12

‘Excellent art produced, children very engaged and enthusiastic. Extremely well organised.  Her clam manner and expertise inspired the whole class 10/10

Inset and ten school cluster project 06 – 07

Three days in ten schools linking creative projects with Ashdown Forest. Parent and pupil’s workshop and year group projects


Buxted Primary School, Hazel Duncan

‘All staff were very impressed with the way Carol dealt with the children’ 10/10

Inset responses‘10/10


Bonners C.E. Primary, Head Teacher Marion Ponting, Cluster group project

‘Pupils thought it was excellent’ 10/10

‘No improvements needed.’ 10/10

‘Carol always arrives with lots of resources to stimulate the children’s ideas and art work’ 10/10


St Marks Hadlow Down, Head Teacher Verity Poole 2002 –

One visit per year painting, printing and clay work and Cluster School project

‘The staff gained a greater knowledge of the work of Paul Klee and experienced different activities which they could use in the future’ 10/10

‘Excellent support and guidance from Carol‘ 10/10

Hawks Farm Primary School, Head Teacher Mrs V. Cobb 04-05

Arts week residency sessions for year 6: Islamic Clay tiles and stair well textile project

‘The art work was fantastic and the children were able to contribute to every part’ 10/10

‘The opportunity to focus on the whole process over a couple of days was very rewarding’ 10/10


Moulscombe Primary School, Katy Sampson

Special Event sessions once per year 01-06

‘Carol was very flexible and organized and this meant that no pressure was put on the teachers at all’ 10/10

‘We learnt that everyone can draw’ 9/10

‘Calm and productive atmosphere’ 10/10

‘Carols visit helped both staff and children ‘10/10


Parkland Junior School, Rebecca Flanagan 01-04

Special Event sessions

‘We particularly valued the excellent portfolios and shell resources’ 10/10

‘The children showed pride in their work’ 10/10

‘Linked broadly with our science topic’ 10/10


Oakwood Primary School, Head Teacher Bill Elms 02-07

Arts days, five year Out of School Hours Learning Coordinator, Art Clubs and Two Able Projects connected with The Tate Briton

‘Provided creative inspirational atmosphere’ 10/10


Sue Farrent Etchingham Primary School 04-07

Day visits on printing

‘Carol covered areas previously not attempted, excellent’ 10/10


Elphinestone Community School, Wendy Plater

Carol is calm, cheerful and positive with the pupils and staff at all times’ 10/10


Wadhurst Primary School, Head Teacher R. Marks 96-99

‘Carols’ expertise and enthusiasm shows through her teaching and all pupils and staff gained from the experience’ 10/10