Working from Artists

Collage based on Matisse  Screen print like Andy Warhol

There are many opportunities to learn from well-known Artists when working from copies of their work with pupils. Children see the narative and ask questions…..

‘How do they see the world?’  ‘How does this inform the way we see the world?’  ‘How have Artists’ changed our world?’ ‘ What makes a composition work?’ ‘ What does it tell us about history and culture?’

The influence of Artists is all around us in modern life. Artists have traditionally challenged convention, changed the way we see things.  Choosing an Artist to work from will fascinate pupils and show how skills are developed over time with practise.  Henry Matisse, Claude Monet, Bridget Riley, David Hockney, Andy Warhol, an endless list of names of Artists to choose form for pupils to learn about. Why did they do what they did? What can we learn from the way they painted and changed the world? Choose an Artist and we can inspire pupils working from their great works of art on a museum visit or in the classroom.

Houses of Parliment- Monet inspired   Monet inspired painting

Houses of Parliment - Monet inspired   Monet inspired painting


Paul Klee inspired paintings

Paul Klee inspired painting   Paul Klee inspired painting   Paul Klee inspired painting

Chinese inspired painting onto silk and paper

Chinese painting onto silk    chinese bamboo painting

Little Horsted Chinese paintings 2011 008    Little Horsted Chinese paintings 2011


Van Gogh inspired wool collage/painting

Painting with wool- Van Gogh      Painting with wool - Hundertwasser Trees

Van Gogh inspired clay work


Matisse inspired block and screen printing

Matisse inspired block printing     T-shirt printing Matisse inspired


William Morris inspired block printing

William Morris wall display year 1 St Martins