Sculpture and 3D

Buxted Collage Great Fire of London

Using card and paper for sculpture year 2 ‘Fire of London’ Buxted C of E

Working with mod rock, card, clay and willow can give your pupils a chance to explore 3D. Stunning projects can be made and pupils engage with real enthusiasm to this kind of learning experience. Making planet surfaces, coastal models, Egyptian Artefacts or abstract sculpture are all proving popular with classes across the key stages. We always cover the floor with tarpaulins and organise the activities in such a way that your classroom is left intact clean and tidy.

St Martins Year 5 Planet Surface Project

Looking at images for 3D forms  P1040709   Part of the finished display in yr 5P1030524  Modroc painted planet surfaces

Using modroc for Greek Gods year 4 at St Martins

3D modroc Face of Greek God    Reception class Buxted 3D Project

Giant Flowers made by Reception pupils at Buxsted C of E Primary School

Sculpture models made from modroc.


Year 4  Sculpture machet  Modroc sculpture year 4 St martins C of E Primary School

Year 4 St Martins Sculpture machet  Modroc sculpture year 4 St martins C of E Primary School


Hundertwasser  building  and  Modroc volcano made at Smart Art

Hundertwasser  building   Modroc volcano



Willow sculpture made at Little Horsted C of E Primary School

Willow Tree Little Horsted

Tree and Fruits Collages from St Martins C of E Primary year 4 pupils.

Paper sculpture St Martins C of E Primary School  3D Fruit collage St Martins