Screen Printing

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Art Techniques screen printing projects offer pupils from nursery to year 6 a chance to make simple paper stencils from news print enabling repeat printing onto textiles and paper.  Looking at the history of printing, and Artist Andy Warhol, links this technique with the curriculum and involves pupils directly with amazing results including colour mixing.

We can supply up to 30 screen printing frames and squeegees’ for successful class projects. The school hall or class room can be converted into a print studio for half and full day sessions. You just need to supply drying racks, ready mix paint, sugar paper and printing cotton as optional.

folio work for web 077     folio work for web 078

Cutting paper stencils.

CIMG3029     CIMG3030


Prints by Reception pupils with torn and cut stencils.

folio work for web 084          folio work for web 087

folio work for web 088           folio work for web 082


 Sea Creature screen prints from Cradle Hill Primary School, Seaford.

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Story telling printing from St.Marks C of E Village School Association project.

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Screen printing project at Buxted C of E Primary School.

St. Michaels School time line printing             Buxted School banner - Copy

Buxted School banners - Copy             Buxted School banner project - Copy

All classes were involved in this project. The stimulus was The Four Seasons, Elements, Ashdown Forest and work based on Wrought Iron  made in local forge’s which had been a traditional trade in the village of Buxted.


Frant C of E Primary School VSA Project.

CIMG3949      CIMG3961

Cutting stencils for the screen printed section of Frant C of E Primary Schools VSA Project.

CIMG4101      CIMG4105



Salehurst C of E Primary School twinning project with a school in Milawi.

Working together to support others       Working together to support others

This work was made by mixing wax resist and screen printing processes. The images are showing the contrast between the two schools and telling a story. The whole schools was involved in this project.  All of the work took place in the school hall. A special assembly was arranged to show the finished work.  Pupils had worked on designs with book illustrator Sarah Massini.  They used these designs for their screen print stencils and pen and wax illustrations.

Salehurst C of E Primary School yellow section      Salehurst C of E Primary School red section

Salehurst C of E Primary School green section      Salehurst whole banner

Salehurst banner finished banner


Screen printing repeats at the Smart Art Classes.

Start Art and Smart Art screen printing           Picture 046

16.7.11 spb


Screen printing from Blatchington Mill Primary School, Brighton.

west blatchington 003    west blatchington 005



Benfield Primary School, Portslade year 3 printing project.

Family pics and animals benfield Exhibition 050      Family pics and animals benfield Exhibition 049

Family pics and animals benfield Exhibition 053       Family pics and animals benfield Exhibition 054


 Screen printing at Bonner C of E Primary School VSA Project.

CIMG3009       Art Tec 2010 075

VSA video visits 084           west blatchington 002



Pupils help each other with the printing before they reveal the Magic Moment of their very own prints.