The fundamental elements are: 

Line, Shape, Tone, Texture, Colour, Pattern, Form, Composition

Drawing from natural forms is a really good way to develop skills and build confidence. Try using a view finder to isolate sections and pick out patterns and explore the world of mark making. Try quick drawings for 30 seconds, then try a 1 minute drawing. 3 minutes will feel such a long time in contrast. Try drawing with the wrong hand, drawing without looking at your paper. Lossen up your hand and your mind in this way rather than focusing on the whole object right from the start.

Shell from our drawing resourses         Natural forms from our range        Natural froms from our range

It is all about learning to look. Drawing teaches us to REALLY LOOK.  A higher standard of drawing can be achieved if the children warm up to mark making with managable guidance. Learning to look for the positive and negative shapes in a chosen veiw. Use a magnifying glass to aid looking.

A few lines on a page can be an incredibly useful and effective way express our thoughts, to communicate ideas. A quick sketch can save many words and make an idea clear. Pupils’ ability to chose the most suitable tool and learn to control different drawing tools will have benefits across the curriculum and be a valuable skill for life. Drawing from natural forms, chosen surroundings and from imagination are all valuable experiences for children in the modern learning setting.

Leonardo could not have shown us possible future technologies or the working of the human body without the ability to draw. Giving pupils the chance to practice is valuable. Deciding which tools are most suited for each drawing: Pen, pencil, pastel, charcoal all have there place in the classroom.


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Judy Grahame, Consultant for Art and Design, runs some fantastic courses for subject leaders. Progression of skills needed to develop across primary education. Drawing is fundamental.  Pupils need to be given interesting and achievable drawing opportunities.

The chance to try out different mark making tools.

Copy of VSA video visits 073 - Copy     Copy of VSA video visits 071 - Copy

Art Tec 2010 149     Copy of Copy of VSA video visits 069

Copy of VSA video visits 069 - Copy      CIMG3041 - Copy

The use of sketch books is important for all year groups to practise these skills.

Bonners School sketch work - Copy       Bonners School designs for stencils - Copy

Continuous line drawings aids the flow of line and can encourage the confidence to draw without fear of mistakes. No rubbing out. Berol pens are fantastic for making clear confident drawings.

Art Tec 2010 163 - Copy        Art Tec 2010 148

Try preparing a page of different paper colours and textures     Use a veiw finder to isolate a patter.

Drawing on tissue is different than sugar paper or brown paper      Find an interesting setting to make drawings from

A chance to explore for this year one pupil     This page by year 1 explores the difference between charcoal and pen


Using lettering to draw and invent a phont for a Cafe` Banner at the Hillcrest Community Centre.

P1040427       The Hillcrest Cafe Banner