Collage is a very effective way of working with pupils in all year groups. There is a fantastic range of papers available for any collage project. These collages are very useful for school display, themed book covers and will be very effectively facilitated from any classroom.

Start Art pupils make collages based on shells and star fish.

new 009    LH Certificates 001

may mixed 091    folio work for web 137


A range of shell and star fish inspired collages from Start Art and Smart Art.

folio work for web 040    collage star fish for web 030

new 008    sand water poppy 084

Saltdean Primary school year 6 pupils all make an environment based collage with Carol and the class teacher. The madras tissue is superb for stunning collage.

Saltdean School sky collage      Saltdean School water collage

Saltdean School collage    CIMG3309

CIMG3313     CIMG3314

CIMG3328      CIMG3342

The Olympic Games was the theme at Little Horsted C of E primary school when pupils all made drawings and collages connected to the Olympic games. Flexi foam was used to make these colourful and effective athletic sports people.

Little Horsted pupils used a Matisse style  figure to make collages for the 2112 Olympics On the beamBasket ball collage Fencing collage Ski collage made by Jade Olympic figures