Batik, Wax Resist and Textiles

The use of textile in art projects can create a wide range of results. Wall hangings and banners using wax resist and painting or dip dye batik are all popular. Weaving, printing and painting,tie dyed fabrics all give very pleasing results. The processes are satisfying to learn.


Harbour Primary banner panelHarbour Primary Inset BannerHarbour Primary panel from bannerHarbour Primary Inset banner panel

Harbour Primary School,  Newhaven

Projects for staff teams at two merging schools included designs based on the harbour. Pupils will wax and apply dyes to replace and this will replace the previous banner which depicted the old school logo.

P1040670P1040671P1040672P1040673Part of the design from INSET at Harbour

Harbour Primary banner

The logo banner below has been  replaced by the full colour harbour scenes above.

CIMG2180  CIMG2182


Designs on fabric take on rich colours when the dyes are added as above and below in these stunning wall hangings from Harbour Primary School Newhaven Inset above and from Hawks Farm Primary School, Hailsham below.

CIMG0787 CIMG0788 CIMG0804 CIMG0792 CIMG0790 CIMG0802

Batik and wax resist are very popular mediums for school projects. Stunning wall banners and hangings can be created by groups of pupils. We use hot wax with pupils in year 4/5 and 6 only. Glue can be used as an alternative with younger pupils to create a similar effect. Wax dries very quickly and will resist. Glue does not. Gutta can also be used and a longer drying time is needed once again both create a boundary as opposed to a resist

Staplecross 010  Staplecross 048  Staplecross 026  Staplecross 051 Staplecross 047  Staplecross 055  Staplecross 056

The dyes can be applied by pupils in any year group. Some schools ask the older pupils to wax the design over  to a scale drawing and delegate the colour application to younger pupils who have a lot of fun colour mixing with dyes.


William Morris inspired textiles using

wax resist silk painting and blue batik

folio work for web 045                     Batik William for web 046


World War Two, Withyham Primary School

Pupils at St Michaels School, created banners based on World War 2: Evacuation of children and air raids. The Victorians. They also created a history time line. The work was fixed in the correct time period.

Copy (2) of VSA video visits 008 Copy (2) of VSA video visits 006 Copy (2) of Copy of VSA video visits 005

Festival Banners

  CIMG1177  Festival banner made at the Joff

Made by 8-11 years  Smart Art and Start Art make the stunning banner of Newhaven as part of Generic Vapou events

Wax Resist and Screen Print combinations

These beautiful combination wall hangings were made by pupils from Buxted C of E Primary School.  They were part of a 10 school cluster group project organised by the Village School to combine Literacy and Art in  partnership with Art Techniques. These banners show the seasons, the elements and the link with traditional iron making from the village of Buxted in East Sussex.

Buxted School banners - Copy  St. Michaels School time line printing

Buxted C of E Primary School VSA Project. Water and Spring are depicted here on one of the four banners   Buxted C of E Primary School VSA Project. Air and summer are depicted here on one of the four banners

Making the boarder by screen printing leaves in different colours.

Frant C of E School in East Sussex

In the banner below pupils used wax resist techniques to imitate the water section of a textile hanging to brighten up a long dull corridor space. The top part of the work was  screen printed with trees and was over 10 meters long.

CIMG4111 CIMG4119 CIMG4071 CIMG4105           CIMG4101


Salehurst whole School Project

Pupils from Salehurst C of E Primary schools exchange gifts and learning experiences with pupils from a school in Malawi. The school banner below was made to mark the two cultures in these vibrant banners made with wax resist and screen printed images.

P1020080 - Copy   P1020081   P1020079 - Copy   P1020078 - Copy   P1020077 - Copy  Alfriston 096

Salehurst banner



Textile Projects at Smart Art

Caps and painted bag made at Start Art and Smart Art  Tie Dye at Start Art and Smart Art  Dip dye at Smart Art   As part of a fshion project caps were made at Smart Art   Florance making a batik at Smart Art  Franny from Start Art made this batik design


St Marks hand painted banner

This stunning hand painted wall hanging was made by pupls at St Marks C of E primary School.  Pupils also made cushion covers to match.

Making the banner at St Marks  Painting the design at St. Marks C of E Primary SchoolPainting the design at St. Marks C of E Primary School  Painting the design at St. Marks C of E Primary School

Textile Project at St Marks C of E Primary School  Section of textile project at St Marks C of E primary School