Art and Design

      Year 3 Pupils at St Marks C of E Primary School painting onto fabric      

Art and Design and Design Technology are valuable subjects both involving hands on learning. Our links with the past through culture and artefacts demonstrate the vast capacity of human beings from the beginning of our time here on earth.  We are incredibly inventive makers.  That creative instinct is visible around us every day of our lives.  The ability to make for function and to communicate ideas has dramatically changed the world we live in and continues to do so.

The downloadable link below ‘Progression of skills key stage 1 and key stage 2’ is a guide for teachers and subject leaders showing what pupils need to be learning in their primary education experinces at school.

Progression of skills KS1-KS2.

Subject Leaders Training Skills for Art and Designwith Judy Grahame       Subject Leaders Training work with Judy Grahame

Subject Leader Training with Judy Grahame, Art and Design Consultant



Bonners School designs for stencils - Copy      CIMG3030

Exploring this subject with practical techniques will be a valuable learning experince for all children. The understanding of different tools and their purpose empowers pupils to make the correct choices when a design challenge arrives. Just as pupils learn to express their own ideas through words pupils should also be given to opportunities to express through drawing and making. I believe children are natural designers and makers and that we see it going on in their play from a very early age as they discover the world around them. It is our role as educators to offer a balance of these skills across their time at school.

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