Finished textile fish    Swimming away

Nemo fish    Jodi FishFish Festival in Newhaven 2002 – 2015

Newhaven Fish Festival has been running since 2002.  Art techniques has been involved every year working with the community on a wide range of projects and taking part in a small parade for children and parents.

Newhaven Fish Festival Parade   Fish Festival Newhaven

In 2012 we join in with community workshops making ceramic fish.  These were part of a Jubilee fish trail to mark the Queens Jubilee. Below are some of the 60 fish which are displayed along the walls of West Quay Newhaven.

Union Jack Jubilee Fish Trail

60 Ceramic Fish are spread out along the different walk way on the walls. Can you find all 60? The fish were made by member of the public and children and young people attending Start Art and Smart Art.  Project funded by: Lewes Distric Council, NCDA, parents of those attending Start Art and Smart Art all working in partnership with Art techniques.

Jubilee Fish Trail Community Project60   Jodi Fish  All in West Quay Newhaven   Jodi Fish 2Summer and fish 2012    Summer and fish 2012 030Summer and fish 2012 011  Summer and fish 2012 035

Fish Festival workshop at Smart Art 2011

Powder fish   Using stencils with sieved powder paintchoise of colours     Stencils of fish are used to creat shape edged imagesRemoving stencils   small sieves allow a fine power which can be mixed onthe paper

Fish Festival Art Project in 2013.  This was another Family Learning Project funded by ESCC and NCDA and was held at Denton Island Community Centre.

Fish Festival t-shirts   Block printed back ground

Block printing action  Creating a block printed textile  Everyone has a turn

Paents working with their children  Great way to engage with your child  Textile printing

Fish Festival Family Learning Prject 2014 funded by ESCC and SCDA held at Denton Island Community Centre.

Masks, aprons,hats and sewn fish

We used large paper stencils for the shapes   IMG_1187

taking it in turns   Applying patterns

Painting coloured dots   Fish head details

Same design different colors   Fish scale detailsirradecent paper scales   Fish tails   Ricrac tails

Finished textile fish   Swimming away

The parade   Satrt Art andSmart Art fish banner

Family learning fish banner   Festival team

Local families at the festival   Come and join in

Well done for working so creatively together   Fish festival makers tent

We can all make for the fish festival   Making all sorts

Wooden fish   Cute fish   Lauren Slavin volunteer face painter   painting each other

Family Learning Fish Festival art project held at Hillcrest Commnity Centre in May 2015.  Funded by ESCC and SCDA working in partnership with Art Techniques.

Showing the finished work

a good range of materials were available   Cuting the shapes  lots of different colours   Large collage fish are made by familiess  Parents get involved   A range of methods were used  Adult makers   Making together      Paper fish caps  Working onto paper before we paint our fabric caps with fabric paints and pens  Painting fabric caps  Individual designs  Shark cap   Top view of shark cap