Village School Assosiation project at Buxted

 Village School Assosiation Art Projet at Buxted

The ten schools which make up the VSA worked together on an Art Project based on their local enviroment and Ashdown Forest.  Buxted linked their full school project, which lasted for three days, on the Buxted Iron

heritage.  They also included the eliments and the season to create four textile hanging which are displayed inthe school hall.


Whole school project                 Village School Assosiation Art Project at Buxted

Buxted Jubilee Mosaic Project

The Buxted Jubilee school mos        All upils added parts to make the Jubliee mosaic

Buxted Family Learning Project

Parents and pupils attended a short coure in drawing which Head Teacher Anne Radford organised with Art Techniques.

Family Learning courses at Buxted Cof E Primary School      Parents and pupils learn together at Buxted

We used shell to launch the mixed medium work at Buxted     We used shells as a starting point

Flower Sculpture at Buxted

Reception and year 1 worked together to build giant flower. These were made from plastic botle joined together and then coated with modroc.  Once dry the sculpture was painted.

Buxted 3D flowers     Modroc flower sculptures Recetptian and year 1


Fire of London 3D collage

The Power of Collage at Buxted

Wet coloage to creat a fire image   Making flames

we used dry collage onto black card with fire coloured collage   Each child made their own Fire of London streets