Saltdean Mural Everyone has a space to work   Saltdean Mural masking tape gride  Saltdean Mural preperations  Saltdean Mural masking tape is press against lines of brick  Saltdean Mural rollers to apply base coat  Saltdean Mural painting starts Saltdean Mural end of day 1  Saltdean Mural mixing colours Saltdean Mural Block prints are added to the large walls as well  Saltdean Mural once the tape is removed a complex gride of colour is revealed Saltdean Mural this grid is block printed onto  Saltdean Mural older pupils work on the high wall Saltdean Mural Egyptian block are used against the blue base colour  Saltdean Mural Egyptian symbols Saltdean Mural block printing   Egyptian section of the Saltdean Primary School mural  Saltdean Mural block printing  Saltdean Mural some pupils change bricks one by one  Saltdean Mural colours are blended  Saltdean Mural small wall for Reception pupils  Saltdean Mural class groups of 15 paint for 30 minutes  Saltdean Mural School staff guide pupils to area to add colours       Saltdean Mural dots of colour are added  Adding block prints to the mural  The pillars are painted as wellSaltdean Mural sponge printing  Layers of block print and coloured spots are painted in patterns by pupls    Saltdean Mural takes shapeThe mural takes on a a number of influences from Indian Fabrics    Saltdean Mural Te blocks are hand cut. This one is an African design  The small wall is finished Saltdean Mural small wall is finished  It is taking shapeSaltdean Mural adding black spots  Some stencils and spray paint are used by the door  Saltdean Mural Blak and white dots  Applying some spray paint   Matisse sponges take on an under water theme   We watch it grow   Cotton buds are used to embelish details onto the prints  Gold paint is used for the final layer of paintingDots of paint are added  Gold dots are addedSaltdean Mural finishing off