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We offer a wide range of inspirational creative learning opportunities for your Schools form Nursery to year 6 pupils. Some schools chose Artist in Residency projects others Enrichment sessions. We also deliver Staff Twilight and INSET Training in all of our practical techniques. We can assist you to achieve well organised community link projects.

The full range of options are in our brochure pages below which you can down load below:

Website brochure page

Website Art Techniques available

Art Techniques popular project

Art Techniques established projects

Take a look at our techniques pages on this site which are packed with photos from many schools who have worked in partnership with Art Techniques.

Involving Art Techniques with your school. 

To facilitate a project for your school for a special event or on-going projects is very straight forward. Take a look at what interests you on this web site and then either call, email or fill out your details on the site contact page. We can answer your questions and help you with planning. We will plan a programme to suit your needs, for groups, classes or all chosen classes within your school. Inclusion and engagement projects are available. Your brief will inform us of the role we play, the duration of the project and your chosen outcomes.

With you we plan a clear achievable brief to bring hands on creative learning into the class room. We link this to Key stage 1 and  2 ‘Developing progression in art and design skills and techniques’ curriculum guidance. (Downloadable on the Art and Design Techniques page).

We specialise in a wide mixture of practical visual arts. We take the pain out of the organisation. We provide resources, equipment, knowledge and experience in a friendly professional manner. We will list for you the required materials to order, saving you vat costs.  If you require us to order your materials the vat and administration costs will be added.

Take a look at the individual techniques pages.  They are packed full of images of work created by children involved in hundreds of projects with Art Techniques over the years.

Evaluation is on-going. You will be asked to evaluate as standard practice. Our evaluations and testimonials reflect a very high level of satisfaction recorded over many years by  staff, pupils and if required parents. Evaluations keep the service informed with valuable feedback from you which we can act upon to keep standards high.

The Service benefits for your school:

• Bespoke projects to meet your identified curriculum targets
• Careful planning with staff at meetings and by phone and email
• Preparation and provision of stimulus, resources and equipment
• Experienced and energetic delivery to engage and motivate
• Sessions for pupils’ enjoyment and achievement from Nursery -Year 6
• Project introduction at assembly if required
• Confident guidance incorporating staff participation
• Promotion of working independently and in groups
• Promotes team work, problem solving and good communication skills
• Understanding materials, tools and their use
• Exploring and developing ideas, investigation and making
• Knowledge and understanding appropriate to key stages
• Sessions for classes, selected classes and groups
• Helps children esteem from ‘gifted and talented’ to’ inclusion or disadvantaged’
• Emphasis on the learning journey, processes and aiming for achievable results
• Evaluation and developing work

We bring equipment and resources to you… Bespoke Learning Programmes available

Booking dates are available:

Mondays 8am-5pm, Tuesdays 8am-5pm, Wednesdays 8am – 1pm,  Thursdays 8am-4pm and Fridays 8am-5pm. 

*It is advisable to book early for a good choice of dates.

(Some last minute bookings are available.)

We have Public Liability Insurance, CRB checked staff,  Certificate in Paediatric First Aid. Art Techniques evaluations prove a consistent track record of reliable service to schools. The service was launched by Grant Jones, the then County Art Advisor for East Sussex County Council and Bton and Hove in 1994. It continued under the guidance of Judy Grahame who became County Art Adviser after Grant Jones retired.  We have consistently been here to serve the area of Brighton and Hove and East and West Sussex . Visit to other locations may be negotiated.

• Travel within 30 miles radius, planning meeting and communications, enough equipment for multiple classes

• All Service on costs are included in the price. This includes:

Facilitation by Carol Havard in your school from 8—4.30pm ( 8-4pm on Thurs, 8—1.30 Wed) project planning meeting for bookings of 3days or more per year if needed, related communications, Resource Annex: equipment use and maintance and facility rent, use of service Office and Studio and associated Facilities, Additional STAFF:when required, Service PA, Sectary, hours, IT Support, Project Technician Assistant,( not in school) Accountant, All Communications (phone, post and electronic) Public Liability Insurance, PD Training, CRB checks, Systems are in place for self-employment , a clean classroom (not including hovering), Travel within 30 miles radius once per day booking. Additional travel will be charged for attending meetings, equipment for full and multiple classes. * Please note that materials are not included in the price.

Our Resource Annex has equipment your school may not have.  We share this equipment across all of the schools we work in partnership with. We bring it to you in the Art Techniques van which is like a mobile arts cupboard. We bring what you need to your classroom when you need it. How can our service support learning in your school this year?

Prices as below:

12 Full Days Cluster Schools Block Booking or One School Block Bookings per year 20% discount   £2,880  £240 per day

9 Full Days Cluster Schools Block Booking or One School Block Bookings per year 15% discount     £2,295   £255 per day

6 Full Days Cluster Schools Block Booking or One School Block Bookings per year 10% discount     £1,620   £270 per day

3 Full Days Cluster Schools Block Booking or One School Block Bookings per year 5% discount      £855 ,      £285 per day

1 Full day fee £300. One School  Block booking

Half Day Booking Prices

12 Half Days Cluster Schools Block Bookings or One School Block Bookings per year 20% discount £1,632 , £136 per day

9 Half Days Cluster Schools Block Bookings or One School Block Bookings per year 15% discount   £1,300 , £145 per day

6 Half Days Cluster Schools Block Bookings or One School Block Bookings per year 10% discount     £918  £153 per day

3 Half Days Cluster Schools Block Bookings or One School Block Bookings per year 5% discount       £485     £161 per day

1 Half day fee £170. One school booking

Bookings can be made for project that take place in  2015 and 2016

Book NOW for ‘Service Level Agreement’ for your school spread over 1,2 or 3 years

Days per year 1 year 2 years 3 years
12 days £2,880 £5760 £8640
9 days £2295 £4590 £6885
6 days £810 £1620 £2430
3 days £855 £1710 £2565
1 day £300 £600 £900
12 half days £1632 £3264 £4896
9 half days £1300 £2600 £3900
6 half days £918 £1836 £2754
3 half days £510 £1020 £1530
1 half day £170 £340 £510